Sigma DG 1000 Series fiberglass form ties being used in concrete forming project

Fiberglass Form Ties

1000 series

The Sigma 1000 Series fiberglass form tie is an original thread form that maximizes the properties of both fiberglass and steel to create one of the strongest fiberglass threaded rod on the market today.
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1000 Series Fiberglass Form Ties


This 1" diameter tie is easy to use and very versatile. Benefits include:

Large mat foundations
Board Form Concrete
Battered Wall Forming
Thick abutments / She Bolt replacement
Taper Tie Replacement
No patching unlike taper ties
Custom width walls (columns)
Corrosion Resistant
Multiple Accessories
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1000 Series Specifications

Safe Working Loads (2:1)

  • Standard single nut: 25,000 lbs
  • Cast wing nut: 25,000 lbs
  • Tie Saver: 25,000 lbs


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Sigma DG 1000 Series fiberglass form tie
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