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Our Products

Fiberglass concrete form ties

No patching, no rust stains, blends in with concrete face, create custom length ties on the fly! Fiberglass ties for modular forming, board forming, architectural, drill & dowel, battered walls, form liner and more!
Fiberglass Ties

Concrete Sandwich Panel Connectors

Sigma's new insulated concrete sandwich panel connectors are made from a highly robust vinylester resin and E-CR glass. This gives our pin the highest possible durability and strength.
Panel Connectors

fiberglass rock bolts and ground anchors

Sigma Fiberglass Bolts rock bolts are ideal for ground support in mining and tunneling methods that require reinforcement. Sigma fiberglass rock bolts are easily cut with conventional mining equipment and don’t cause damage or down time.
Bolts & Anchors

Our Projects

Sigma 400-1200 series form ties
Fiberglass Rock Bolts
Concrete Sandwich Panel Connectors

Sigma 400 Series/Sigma 1000 series

Fiberglass all thread form ties

Sigma Fiberglass Ties are replacing she-bolts, taper ties, heavy duty & regular snap ties, and pencil rod every day! Utilizing all of our various sized ties and their corresponding hardware, Sigma Fiberglass Ties have redefined concrete forming all over North America. With SAFE working loads up to 45,000 lbs there is a Sigma tie that will benefit your concrete project. Wastewater and water treatment tanks, Tanks, Battered Walls, Architectural, Bridges, Dams, Board Form, and Form Liner...you name it, we have done it. Look over some of the projects herein and let us know how we can be of service. Let's Get Forming!
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Sigma DG

Fiberglass Rock Bolts

Sigma fiberglass rock bolts are ideal for ground support in mining and tunneling methods that require temporary or permanent reinforcement. Sigma fiberglass rock bolts are easily cut with conventional mining equipment while not causing damage or down time unlike steel rock bolts. Our bolts do not spark, get jammed in equipment, tear belts, all while increasing a mine's productivity. Mining methods that use or should consider using fiberglass bolts are: Longwall Coal Mining, Retreat Coal Mining (Pillaring operation), Stope (drill and blast), Drift (cut and fill). Highly corrosive environments should also strongly consider fiberglass rock bolts -made from a robust epoxy backed vinylester resin - as permanent reinforcements as they will outlast more expensive solutions such as stainless and DCP (Double Corrosion Protected) rock bolts.
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Insulated Wall Panel Systems

Sigma Pins

We have adapted our market leading technology in fiberglass form ties and bolts to make a sandwich panel connector pin that is tough, durable, and reliable. The Sigma Pin and X-Pin is made from an epoxy modified vinylester and E-CR glass for extreme environmental durability and strength.
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Who We Are

About Sigma DG

About Us

Sigma DG Corporation specializes in threaded fiberglass rods ranging from concrete form ties, bolts, sandwich panels, and building systems. Formed in 2009, Sigma partnered with Pultron Composites out of New Zealand to bring their world-class fiberglass products to the North American market. While the original product offering was composed of fiberglass rebar and smooth dowels for highway and bridge construction, the products Sigma now offers range from light concrete forming to heavy civil and bridge construction, underground mining, and highly energy-efficient building envelope products.
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