Civil and Geotechnical Applications


Here is yet another example of the creativity and product advancement that Sigma DG brings to the table for ground support SOLUTIONS!

Fiberglass soil nails are quickly becoming the "go to" material for temporary or removable ground support when having to anchor into public easements and right of ways. The low shear strength of the material allows it to be easily removed during subsequent excavation practicies by municiple contractors. The high tensile strength and ease of use cover engineering and contractors requirements.

The patented steel connection of the SIGMA NAIL™ is derived from years of research and is capable of achiving the full tenisle strength our 1" Mateenbolt™ over the length of 4 inches - 80,000 lbs. It also couples a steel threaded rod which spans the thickness of the shotcrete face for increased shear resistance.

Epoxy Connection

Other engineering firms have opted to epoxy a single or multiple Mateenbolts into a hollow threaded collar for higher loads. The unique threadform of the Mateenbolt allows for very short embedment lengths when compared to competitive offerings from fiberglass manufacturers. A case study of this connection can be viewed here.

Mateenbolt™ Epoxy Connection case study


Ground Support Handbook

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