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Sigma DG Corporation has become known as the fiberglass rock bolt supplier of choice for North American mining companies of all types: coal, gold, moly, copper, potash, etc. We have many different diameters and lengths to serve your needs. We are the ONLY manufacturer that sells DIRECT to mines saving them thousands of dollars per year in costs. If you want to work with people who KNOW and UNDERSTAND fiberglass (as opposed to it being just another SKU), you have come to the right place. Combined we have over 120 YEARS of fiberglass experience and often can solve your issues quickly and cost effectively. Ask us about our GOB Isolation Seal SOLUTION!

Using Mateen fiberglass bolts in situations where subsequent excavation will take place has long been a standard practice. The low shear strength and high tensile capacity (as compared to mild steel rock bolts) of the Mateen fiberglass bolts make it the ideal material for this application. The use of our bolts decreases machine down time because it is easily cutable and won't damage valuable mining equipment. Temporary bolting typically occurs in:

Longwall Coal Mining

Retreat Mining (Pillaring)

Block Cave Mining (undercut prep)

Long Hole Stope Mining

Drifting / Cut and Fill Stope Mining


Sigma Mixing Sleeve

Sigma Mixing Sleeve

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