Fiberglass Rebar

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Mateenbar™ is formulated and manufactured to the edge of the theoretical limits of the glass and resins from which it is made.

Mateenbar™ is made from corrosion resistant E-CR glass and an epoxy backboned resin matrix making it highly durable in the most corrosive environments.

All Mateen FRP is manufactured to the highest quality standards under ISO 9001.

{         bridge deck and railing concrete reinforcement through AASHTO.

     •     waste water treatment plants

     •     architectural precast (prevent rust stains)

     •     reinforce old masonry buildings

     •     seawall reinforcement

     •     flood control dike reinforcement

     •     water or soil submerged concrete structures

     •     continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP)

     •     slab on grade and concrete wall reinforcement in:

     •     highly corrosive environments

     •     gas and oil pipeline pads

     •     chemical processing plants

Common Applications

Corrosion Resistance

     •     aluminum smelter concrete reinforcement

     •     slab on grade and concrete wall reinforcement in:

     •     electrical utility pads

     •     electrical trolly lines

     •     gas and oil pipeline pads - to protect from stray current

     •     wind turbine pads

     •     MRI facilities

     •     transformer SVC pads

High Voltage | Electromagnetic Sensitive Areas

{}          soft-eye openings for TBM launch and reception boxes - slurry walls and cassions


Temporary Installations

Thermal Bridging

{}          Concrete tilt up sandwich panel connectors

fiberglass rebar