Fiberglass Dowel Bars

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Performance of MateenDowels™

     •     Shear Strength -- MateenDowels™ shear strength is an average of 440 kN

     •     Moisture Absorption - virtually non-existent in Mateen : <0.1%

     •     Superior Load Transfer Efficiency (LTE): Tested 80-90%

     •     Glass Transition Temperature: Mateen™ recommends 100º C (212º F)

     •     Easy DOT verification of quality and consistency of dowels via Short Beam Shear Testing

     •     Works with standard slip form and DBI Paving machines

     •     Unique DOT approved Dowel Basket Modification for superior installation and performance

     •     Use in DBI, DBR, Pre-Cast, or Basket (including Toll Booths)

Sigma GFRP Dowel Report

fiberglass dowel bars

fiberglass dowel bars